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Vacuactivus Rollstar Mini

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RollStar Lymphatic Drainage Roller: Sculpt Your Body, Combat Cellulite, and Boost Well-being

Tackling aging, cellulite, or stubborn fat deposits can be a challenge. When traditional exercises fall short, the RollStar lymphatic drainage roller emerges as a state-of-the-art solution to shape your body and address cellulite.

Infused with healing lymphatic and slimming massage technologies, it not only relaxes your body but also promotes a healthier, more contoured feel.


Key Features:

Integrated Technologies: The RollStar seamlessly integrates lymphatic drainage, deep tissue massage, chromotherapy, and infrared heating technologies. Offering a high-quality massage therapy experience, it maximizes sculpting benefits and promotes overall well-being.


Lymphatic Massage: In a high-stress environment, a lymphatic drainage massage provides a therapeutic escape. Rooted in traditional Chinese medicine techniques, the RollStar draws inspiration from Gua Sha. This mechanical manipulation stimulates lymph vessels, preventing lymph buildup, reducing water retention, and boosting immunity. The result is resilient skin, a youthful complexion, and overall positive health outcomes.


Effects: The RollStar elevates the lymphatic massage experience by incorporating infrared technology. The rotating rolls, inspired by acupressure, not only massage muscles and drain lymphatic fluid but also leave you feeling rejuvenated for days. Users appreciate the sustained vigor experienced after just one session.


Cellulite Therapy: Designed for mechanical impact on compacted fat, the RollStar employs rotating rolls to eliminate cellulite manifestations. The ergonomic design allows the slim roller to penetrate deep into the tissue, facilitating the movement of lymphatic fluid to lymph nodes. This comprehensive waste excretion system results in elongated and stimulated skin tissue, promoting a smooth appearance.


Fitness Effects: Heated for muscle relaxation, the RollStar is beneficial for both pre and post-workout routines. Pre-workout, it helps you feel light-limbed, enhancing overall performance. Post-workout, it aids in sending back nutrients and oxygen to muscles, accelerating recovery.


How it Works: The RollStar effectively combats fat deposits and cellulite manifestations by supporting connective tissue, enhancing blood circulation, and nourishing the skin and tissues. Achieving results without strenuous activity, daily sessions with the RollStar deliver an ideal combination of therapy and beauty procedures.


Infrared Light Heats: The inclusion of infrared lights heats muscles, prompting the elimination of toxins deep within tissues. Paired with chromotherapy, it accelerates the burning of unwanted fat by inducing a desired hormonal response, restoring the body's natural balance.


Usage Areas: Versatile and suitable for various settings, the RollStar finds its place in health and wellness businesses, fitness zones, gyms, spas, aqua centers, rehabilitation centers, manual therapy clinics, and even for home usage.


Benefits: The RollStar's lymphatic drainage massage offers both immediate gratification and long-term health benefits, including improved immunity, reduced inflammation, enhanced muscle performance, accelerated metabolism, and efficient toxin elimination.


Features: Equipped with an LED display, touch screen, and customizable operation, the RollStar ensures convenience and ease of use. Its unique characteristics include the ability to select specific body parts for toning, customizable operations, computer-assisted manipulation, and aesthetically pleasing design.


The RollStar stands as the next-generation, full-fledged massage system, combining mechanical, infrared, chromotherapy, and heating effects. Whether you're targeting cellulite or aiming for body shaping, the RollStar is your comprehensive solution.

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