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Spinshot Plus-2 Tennis Ball Machine

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Original price $2,399.00
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The Spinshot Plus-2 HS machine is available with or without Remote Watch. Please select your chosen machine model using the options above.

Spinshot Plus-2 HS models options

Plus-2 HS
Plus-2 HS + Remote Watch

Control the machine using the touch panel or use our Drill Maker app on your phone or Apple watch. Also compatible with the Spinshot Remote Watch for the upmost convenience.

Plus-2 HS Highlights

  • High-powered motors deliver speeds up to 80mph
  • 12 custom drills to suit any player of any level
  • Quick start oscillation modes via the machines control panel
  • Holds 120 balls
  • 2-year warranty
  • Battery operated or mains power for unlimited playing time
  • Random mode for a different shot every time
  • Horizontal and vertical oscillation
  • Strong metal exterior casing
  • Enhanced portability with extendable handle and trolley wheels
  • Compact size and weight

How does the Plus-2 HS compare with the Player HS and Plus machines?

The Spinshot Plus-2 HS tennis ball machine combines all the features from the original Plus model and also includes the advanced custom drill features of the Player HS model.

Plus-2 HS (High Spin / High Speed)

The Spinshot Plus-2 HS (high spin / high speed) tennis balls machines feature more powerful motors which allow for higher balls speeds even when top spin or back spin are used. The Spinshot Plus-2 HS top speed is around 80 mph and can be slowed don to 18 mph.

There is no disadvantage for the HS (high spin / high speed) models. They just have a higher maximum top speed and spin range. You can adjust the ball spin settings to get less spin or adjust the ball speed settings to lower the ball speed.


Battery or Mains Power Options

Battery included with your purchase for US address delivery. You can also upgrade your machine by adding our Hybrid Power and Battery module if you want the option to use AC mains power or battery.

Remote Control via App or Watch

Our Drill Maker app for Android and iPhone is free to download. Read more about our Drill Maker App and download it on your device to see how it works. The Drill Maker app is also compatible with Apple Watch.

The Spinshot Plus-2 portable tennis ball machine also supports our new Watch Remote to control the machine. See more details on our new Watch Remote. The Watch Remote requires a CR2032 battery (not supplied).

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
John Ellebracht

We just got the Spinshot plus 2 and it is amazing! Great power and you can customize to any setting you want. We bought this for my daughter to help keep her strokes in line and improving and it has worked to our expectations. We love the app and the ability to adjust the machine as needed from the control panel. The 2 line capability is also extremely helpful and we worth the money.

Hector Del Toro

In all honesty, I am a beginner tennis player and have only used the Spinshot Plus-2 for a little over a month. As of now must of what I have done is ground strokes for the forehand and backhand. However, I have briefly tried other settings for volleys and mixed shot drills. AND, that is why I bought this machine, the ability to practice ungodly number of shots and drills. Moreover, I must frankly say that the 120 ball capacity is a stretch. Yes, technically you can pour 120 balls onto the machine but quickly start dropping 5-15 balls around the machine to the court as the ball feeder turns. Nonetheless, I am very happy with the investment. I have already recovered half the cost of the machine vs. what it would have cost me at my local club for the same number of hours renting their court and machine.


I have had the Spinshot Plus 2 tennis machine for a little over a year now. Use it a couple times a week and it works fantastic. I ran into an issue a couple months ago with the spinner at the top of the machine getting a little crack in it where it wouldn't spin when there was the weight of the balls pushing on it. Customer Service was great and they shipped out a new part the next day (free to me) and handled everything which was fantastic given that I live outside the US and they had to go through Customs, etc. Best customer service I have dealt with and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a quality tennis machine that the company stands behind.