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Vacuactivus HotCRYO Chamber

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Revolutionize your fitness journey with our cutting-edge rehab chamber, expertly crafted for swift muscle recovery post-injury and accelerated weight loss. This futuristic capsule seamlessly integrates hot and cold therapies with low-impact exercises, making it an ideal solution for those recovering from muscle trauma or joint replacement surgery.

Elevate your rehabilitation experience with features like 1.5 kg loading exercise ropes, providing a superior range of motion, and a virtual video guidance trainer. The hot therapy program delicately warms up to 36.6°C, alternating seamlessly with cryotherapy. Explore additional options such as skin-enhancing color therapy, ozone O3 infusion, and air ionization therapy.


Hot and Cold Therapy for Swift Recovery

The synergy of hot and cold therapies has long been recognized as a natural and effective method for sports rehabilitation. Cryotherapy, with its extreme cold, is a trusted technique employed by elite athletes to diminish inflammation, block pain receptors, and swiftly achieve pain relief.

The complementary hot therapy induces muscle relaxation and activates metabolism, enhancing blood flow and promoting detoxification. Expert researchers assert that muscle recovery hinges on factors like strength, the ability to passively move joints, subjective pain scale, and blood myoglobin levels. The application of heat immediately after exercise prevents tissue damage, especially when temperatures inside and outside the body align, stimulating the lymphatic system.


Low-Impact Physical Exercises for Optimal Well-being

Tailored for post-rehab clients aiming to enhance fitness levels and overall well-being, our hot cryo chamber offers a low-impact exercise solution. This gentle approach spares muscles, tendons, and joints from heavy loads.

The chamber features four low-impact fitness ropes, each with a mere 1.5kg loading, and a virtual trainer display to guide users through exercises that restore movement, extend range of motion, and relax muscles.


Hot Therapy Exercises for Enhanced Benefits

Our rehab and weight loss capsule incorporates an infrared heater with a temperature control sensor, designed to elevate the air temperature to 36.6°C— mirroring your body's natural warmth.

This ensures muscle contractions remain relaxed during workouts, preventing pain or discomfort in injured areas. Hot therapy fosters improved blood and lymphatic circulation, enhances muscle flexibility, and aids in healing damaged tissue.


Cryotherapy Exercises for Targeted Relief

Harness the power of exceptionally cold temperatures in cryotherapy exercises to reduce blood flow, freeze pain receptors, and temporarily alleviate nerve sensor activity for pain relief. Alternating between hot and cold therapies amplifies the treatment's efficacy. Our hot cryo chamber includes a specialized application for weight loss through low-impact exercises, providing a holistic approach to your fitness goals.


Additional Features

  • Collagen Lamps: Promote skin health and vitality.

  • O3 Air Ionization: Purify the air for a cleaner environment.

  • Color Therapy: Enhance your mood and skin with carefully selected colors.

  • WIFI Remote Control: Seamless control at your fingertips.

  • Vacuactivus Application for Cell Phones: Stay connected and track your progress effortlessly.

  • Virtual Reality Trainer Programs: Immerse yourself in interactive workouts.

  • Video Instruction Inside the Chamber: Guided workouts for a seamless experience.

  • Ergonomic, State-of-the-Art Interior/Exterior Design: Experience comfort and sophistication in our thoughtfully designed chamber.


Embark on a transformative journey with our rehab chamber, equipped with features that redefine the standards of fitness and recovery.

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