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Penguin Chillers Barrel Cold Therapy Chiller

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Package Includes:

- 3/4HP Cold Therapy Chiller with Built-in Pump
- Barrel Bracket: No drilling required, continues to work with the lid on via handles in the lid. The Barrel Bracket is compatible with Ice Barrel™ 400**
- 300 Filter Kit + Fittings: Contains everything needed to utilize the built-in connections on the Ice Barrel™ 300**
- Attached filter canister with a 150-micron washable/reusable filter
- Inline coarse screen (to catch hair/large particles before entering the chiller)
- Hoses with Quick Connect ends

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Whether you're a newcomer to cold therapy or a seasoned enthusiast, your focus is likely on the benefits of cold exposure rather than the physical exertion of managing ice quantities. Let's admit it – keeping up with the ice needed to chill a barrel can become burdensome. Our chiller effortlessly keeps your barrel cold, promoting more consistent and frequent usage. Maximize your barrel experience by going ICELESS!

The chiller can reach temperatures in the low 40°F, even down to the high 30°F under the right conditions. External factors like ambient temperatures and sun exposure contribute significantly to the heat load on a cold therapy tub. Reducing this external heat load improves chiller performance, achieving low to mid 40°F even in full sun or less-than-ideal conditions.

Important considerations:

- We advise against placing the chiller in an area that cannot get wet, as both the chiller and tubing will produce condensation.

Cost to Run (lower than expected):

- At $0.12/KWh, the monthly operational cost is estimated to be around $18-$28. The compressor and fan only activate when cooling is required; once the water reaches the set point, they turn off, and only the low-wattage pump continues to run.

Addressing common questions about setting up the chiller on a timer:

- Ideally, keeping the water cold at all times is recommended for several reasons:
- Cold water helps control bacterial growth, reducing maintenance needs and extending the cleanliness of the water.
- Regular power cycling may provide limited energy savings, but the associated wear and tear on the pump and increased maintenance counteract potential benefits.
- Continuous power ensures the pump's longevity, as startup is when wear and tear are most likely to occur.

Invest in an effortless and efficient cold therapy experience with our Cold Therapy Chiller – because your well-being deserves simplicity and consistency.

**Ice Barrel not included, sold separately


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Donald Demuth

I had the Ice Barrel Chiller for over a year and I’d recommend it to anyone. I live in Austin TX where the summers are consistently in the 90s and I was able to keep the water temp around 48 degrees by preference. During the cooler mornings it could drop even lower but in the evenings the water would get to the low 50s. Eventually I made my own barrel wrap (after discussing it on YouTube) to hold the water temp lower and it worked extremely well. Consistent 48 all day long and I could even get it to hold at 45 or 42, but my wife and son don’t enjoy it that cold. I see Penguin has their own barrel wrap and I’m tempted to try it after my own version wears out. Also, right before a year of ownership my unit started to short before the chiller engaged. It literally took an email and a ONE WEEK to get the unit FedEx’d, fixed, and returned. The service was amazing and I know this would not have happened if I bought one of those other chillers not made in the USA. The penguin might be a little bit more expensive than some of the alternatives, but at least it will never become a boat anchor or dead weight. Buy with confidence and thank you for keeping my unit working in top notch shape!

AJ Lee

I’ve had my chiller for 6 months now and am extremely happy, I live in California and during the summer temps can get into the upper 90’s during summer and the chiller kept my water cool the entire time I set mine between 50-40 degrees. I’ve had some minor problems with air getting into the lines and affecting the outflow but customer service was awesome and helped me resolve this issue. I highly recommend this chiller.


I bought this 4 months ago for an ice barrel and absolutely love it. I use it 1-3x a day. It’s simple to set up, and, although expensive, this is the cheapest and best set up I’ve found so far. A lot of others are huge, permanent baths that cost 10-20k. This is portable, as good and a $3k set up. Not cheap, but considering how often I plunge, the cost is nominal. Penguin is pretty quiet and works perfectly. I had a little quirk with the spot, and customer service handled it within hours and sent a new one. Excellent American company. Recommend for athletes and wim hof practitioners.

David Reno

I bought this chiller for my cold plunge “Ice Barrel 300” and it works like a charm. Highly recommended. Made in the USA and tech support is great.


I live in Memphis TN. The summers here are blazing hot:????. I got this chiller and the connection to link up to my ice barrel. Guys this thing is amazing. The set up is easy and I’m done buying ice. If you live in a hot climate and you want ice cold water on demand, well this is your choice. This and the fact it’s made right here in the USA ???????? was icing on the cake. If you have a gym or take daily plunges you can’t beat this set up!