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Vacuactivus Vacustar Treadmill

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VacuStar: Elevate Your Fitness with the Ultimate Treadmill Experience

Introducing VacuStar, the cutting-edge treadmill that redefines the workout experience through a combination of zero gravity, vacuum technology, and advanced therapies. This exceptional fitness equipment goes beyond the ordinary, offering an array of features including negative vacuum resistance, infrared heating, cryotherapy, aromatherapy, and more. Whether you're aiming for muscle recovery, cellulite reduction, or overall well-being, VacuStar is your comprehensive solution.


Rehabilitation Treadmill with Extended Functionality: Unleash Your Potential

VacuStar revolutionizes your workout routine by targeting stubborn body areas with its unique blend of technologies. Here's how it works:

  • Vacuum Therapy: Increase blood circulation to hips, buttocks, and thighs, initiating cellulite reduction. Burn calories faster than a regular treadmill due to negative vacuum resistance, infrared heating, and cryotherapy.

  • Low Impact Exercise Program: Improve blood flow, enhance skin elasticity, and firm the skin during your low-impact exercise sessions. Bid farewell to the cold feet syndrome as VacuStar transforms your fitness experience.

  • Ideal for Rehabilitation: Tailored for those recovering from injuries in physical therapy and individuals facing challenges in weight loss. VacuStar combines innovation and efficiency for an all-encompassing fitness solution.


VacuStar Treadmill: Cardio in a Capsule with Extraordinary Therapies

  • Cardio Focus: Engage in cardio exercises with negative vacuum resistance, combined with hot and cold therapies for unparalleled results in weight loss and cellulite reduction.

  • Additional Features: Explore aromatherapy, ozone therapy, color therapy, and oxygen therapy, complemented by collagen lamps for skincare. Perfect for post-rehab, injuries, and muscle restoration.


How It Works: Experience the Future of Fitness

The VacuStar vacuum infrared cryo treadmill operates within a plastic capsule. Wear a neoprene skirt for your workout, and as the program starts, a powerful vacuum motor removes air, creating zero gravity or negative vacuum resistance. This unique environment, coupled with infrared heating and Cryonick cryotherapy, stimulates blood flow, burns fat, and aids in muscle recovery.

  • Zero-Gravity Vacuum Resistance: Burn twice as many calories compared to traditional treadmill running, achieving effective results with low-impact training.

  • Cryotherapy Program: Rehabilitate injuries, reduce joint and muscle strain, and slow down pain messages in the brain for pain relief during exercise.

  • Infrared Technology: Warm your skin, increase sweating, eliminate toxins, and enhance blood flow. Boost your immune system with additional benefits during cold and flu seasons.


Benefits of VacuStar Treadmill: Your Path to Total Well-Being

  • Gravity Impact Enhancement: Burn calories twice as fast with low-impact training compared to high-speed running on a regular treadmill.

  • Cryotherapy for Rehabilitation: Rehabilitate injuries, relieve pain, and improve mobility and muscle strength post-surgery.

  • Infrared Benefits: Increase sweating, remove toxins, and improve skin tone while enjoying relief from muscle pain and faster injury healing.

  • Cellulite Reduction: Effective exercise for cellulite reduction, promoting increased blood and lymphatic circulation.

  • Anti-Aging and Skincare: Collagen lamp, aromatherapy, ozone therapy contribute to smoother, toned skin with anti-aging benefits.

  • Joint Pain and Arthritis Relief: Aid in joint pain, reduce spider veins, and improve circulation in the legs.


Vacuum Technology: Unlocking Faster Blood Flow and Toxin Elimination

Negative vacuum resistance brings faster blood flow and efficient toxin elimination, concentrating on burning fat in hips, glutes, and thighs where it's needed the most.

Infrared Technology: A Skin-Enhancing Marvel

Infrared lights warm your skin, increase sweating, burn calories, eliminate cellulite, and improve skin tone while boosting the immune system.

Cryotherapy Exercises: The Power of Alternating Therapies

The unique combination of hot and cold therapies provides pain relief, reduces inflammation, and accelerates recovery for a holistic exercise experience.

Hot and Cold Therapy Benefits: Aiding Recovery and Wellness

Alternate between extremely cold and infrared hot programs to contract and expand blood vessels, promote nutrient delivery, and extend vacuum negative resistance for enhanced blood flow and distribution.

Skin Care Benefits During Your Workout: A Multisensory Experience

Collagen lamps, aromatherapy, ozone therapy, and infrared lights contribute to anti-aging, improved skin conditions, and overall wellness.


Highest Functionality in Four Models: Tailored to Your Needs

  • Super Simple Model: 10.1" touch screen menu, negative vacuum resistance, infrared program, WIFI, and two skirts.

  • Simple+ Model: Includes features from Super Simple plus a collagen lamp and three skirts.

  • Grand Model: 23" touch screen menu, negative vacuum resistance, infrared heating, optional Cryonick model, collagen lamp, aromatherapy, WIFI, five skirts, and smartphone application.

  • Cryonick Model: All features of the Grand model with the additional Cryonick option for cryotherapy exercises.


Real EMS with Vacu Treadmill: Unprecedented Workout Experience

Equipped with cutting-edge EMS belts, the Vacu Shape Treadmill intensifies every movement, providing targeted electrical muscle stimulation for enhanced strength, endurance, and transformative results.

Experience the future of fitness with VacuStar – where innovation, technology, and wellness converge to elevate your health and redefine your fitness journey. Unveil the new and enhanced version of yourself through the power of VacuStar.

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