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Vacuactivus Infrastar Infrared Sole

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Infrastar Sole: Revolutionizing Fitness with Advanced Technologies

Unlock the power of next-generation fitness with the Infrastar Sole - a cutting-edge infrared vacuum bike designed to elevate your workout experience. By seamlessly integrating a variety of health-focused techniques, this innovative appliance provides a holistic approach to exercise, offering a multitude of benefits for your well-being.


Key Features and Benefits:

Opposite Zero Gravity Technology

Experience the extraordinary with Opposite Zero Gravity, inducing weightlessness within the device capsule. As air is drawn out, negative resistance creates an environment enhancing muscle work, fortifying tendons, ligaments, and promoting blood and lymph flow. This targeted approach aids in fat reduction, body contouring, and accelerates rehabilitation processes.


Cell Rejuvenation

Combining vacuum resistance exercises with infrared therapies intensifies metabolism, nourishing tissues and enhancing cell oxygenation. Ideal for athletes and those engaging in rigorous physical activities, the Infrastar Sole boosts immune systems, aiding in the elimination of stubborn fat.


Body Detoxification

Maximize sweating during low-impact muscle operation with Infrastar Sole's infrared heating. This accelerates detoxification, eliminating residual water and toxins, contributing to improved immune function.


Collagen Production

Combat aging and cellulite with collagen therapy. Infrared lights stimulate collagen production in skin and deeper tissues, resulting in enhanced skin health, resilience, and elimination of cosmetic imperfections.


Muscle Recovery

Incorporating CryoNick technology, the Infrastar Sole alternates between hot and cold temperatures, expediting fluid movement, reducing inflammation, and accelerating muscle recovery after strenuous workouts.


Skin Ozonation

Benefit from the ozone generator that refills the skin with oxygen, promoting skin health, cellular energy, and stimulating wound healing processes.


Aroma Therapy

During sessions, special aroma oils target the skin tissue, reducing inflammation, eliminating bacteria, and promoting rejuvenation for various skin conditions.


Optimized Body Contouring and Detox

Refactored for sports, rehabilitation, and body shaping, the Infrastar Sole surpasses previous vacuum bike models. Integrating next-gen technologies with convenience, it pioneers a transformative fitness capsule for body contouring, detox, and inch-loss programs.


Infrastar Sole Bike Operation

A vacuum capsule affecting the lower body, the Infrastar Sole allows adjustable workout intensity through a sensor screen. Drawing out air creates negative resistance, challenging muscles, improving blood flow, and benefiting both musculoskeletal systems and problematic areas.


CryoNick: Powerful Thermal Solution

The Infrastar Sole embeds CryoNick technology, combining low and hot temperatures for maximum benefits. This thermal blend accelerates fluid flow, reduces inflammation, and promotes faster recovery.


Infrared Technology for Efficient Workouts

Ensuring an efficient, low-intensity workout, the Infrastar Sole provides a unique exercise experience. It supports weight loss, enhances cardio workouts, and benefits those with sedentary lifestyles or post-rehab needs.


User Training Convenience

User-friendly and innovative, the Infrastar Sole features an upgraded menu with customizable programs, virtual reality options, TV connectivity, WiFi, Netflix, Spotify, and an app for tracking progress.


Variety of Infrabike Versions

Choose from various Infrastar Sole models, each catering to specific needs and preferences. Options include Super Simple, Simple+, Grand, and CryoNick, with versatile styles and functionalities.


Real EMS Option

The Infrastar Sole now offers an optional EMS belt for unparalleled workout experiences, delivering targeted electrical muscle stimulation for transformative results.


Conclusion: A Versatile Fitness Equipment

Designed with care to maximize health and beauty benefits, the Infrastar Sole is a versatile fitness appliance addressing a comprehensive range of wellness needs. Be healthy, be fit, and feel well with the Infrastar Sole - where innovation meets unparalleled results.

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