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Vacuactivus Infrastar Infrared Bike

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Introducing the Infrastar Fitness Bike: Elevate Your Exercise Experience

The Infrastar fitness bike stands as a pinnacle of innovation, integrating advanced technologies such as deep vacuum resistance, infrared heat, cryotherapy, pure oxygen breathing, collagen rejuvenation, and aromatherapy into one dynamic device. This multifaceted approach positions the Infrastar as a leading solution for effective fat reduction, body shaping, and rehabilitation.


Unique Technologies Inside

1. Zero Gravity Vacuum Treadmill

The Infrastar features a revolutionary zero gravity vacuum treadmill that creates negative vacuum resistance by drawing out air from the capsule. This technique proves highly effective in reducing cellulite and enhancing blood and lymphatic circulation for accelerated healing during sports rehabilitation.


2. Infrared Lights Cells Rejuvenation

Incorporating infrared light therapy, the Infrastar improves cellular oxygen supply, intensifying metabolism, and aiding in the regeneration of skin, muscles, and the lymphatic system. The resulting heat promotes significant sweating, eliminating residual water and toxins.


3. Cryotherapy Recovery Exercises

The Infrastar introduces a unique blend of hot and cold temperature exercises for unparalleled recovery. The integrated Cryonick technology allows users to pedal in cold temperatures, expediting the healing process.


4. Body Shaping Effect and Detoxification

This all-encompassing fitness bike combines revolutionary technologies to elevate the effects of exercise on body shaping and detoxification. It enhances the results of weight loss exercises, ensuring a comprehensive approach to fitness.


Success of Infrastar Features

The vacuum function loosens tissue, increasing oxygen and nutrient delivery to cells through vasoconstriction. This enhances performance, allowing the body to burn more calories than a regular exercise bike.


Infrastar for Weight Loss

Infrastar offers a stress-free approach to weight loss. Infrared rays increase sweating, expediting metabolism, while cycling accelerates lymphatic circulation, efficiently eliminating toxins. The vacuum's suction effect aids detoxification through the skin.


Recommended Users for Infrared Bike

Infrastar is recommended for individuals seeking quick results in body shaping, cellulite reduction, and efficient cardio workouts. It proves beneficial for weight loss and those with limited range of motion.

Benefits of the Infrastar

The Infrastar, embodying the newest generation of body shaping machines, encompasses cryotherapy, infrared technology, vacuum resistance, ozone, collagen lamps, and aromatherapy. It is designed to burn fat, reduce cellulite, tighten and detoxify the skin, and serve as an asset for rehabilitation with its zero gravity aspect.


Cryonick Technologia

Incorporating Cryonick Technologia, the Infrastar offers cryotherapy recovery support during exercise. The program features a temperature range from +45C/+110F to -20C/-4F, promoting vasoconstriction for reduced redness, swelling, and pain, and enhanced muscle recovery.


Functions of the Infrastar Infrared Bike

  1. Vacuum Resistance: Creates negative resistance, enhancing blood and lymphatic circulation.
  2. Infrared Lights: Increases capsule temperature, promoting sweating for toxin removal and weight loss.
  3. Collagen Lights: Stimulates natural collagen production for anti-aging and improved skin conditions.
  4. Ozone Therapy: Refills the skin with O3, improving skin conditions and stimulating the immune system.
  5. Aromatherapy: Infuses special oils during exercise for antibacterial effects and anti-aging treatment.


Rehabilitation and Recovery Exercises

The Infrastar infrared vacuum bike revolutionizes physical training for enhanced health conditions. This innovative training, combined with collagen, ozone, and color therapy, is ideal for weight loss, general well-being, and overall wellness.


New Updated Menu

The Infrastar boasts a user-friendly menu with an application to control the device, track program results, and an option for breathing pure oxygen during sessions.


Oxygen Therapy

An oxygen mask delivers high-purity oxygen during the workout, enhancing cellular energy, increasing endurance, and accelerating healing.


Choose Your Infrastar Color and Model

  1. Super Simple: Basic program with infrared and vacuum resistance.
  2. Simple+: Extended functionality with collagen lamp and aromatherapy.
  3. Grand: Fully equipped version with a virtual reality display and TV.
  4. Cryonick: Includes Cryonick program for extremely cold temperature exercise.


Real EMS Option

The Infrastar Bike now offers an optional EMS belt, delivering targeted electrical muscle stimulation for an unparalleled workout experience. Unveil a new realm of strength, endurance, and sculpted beauty as you redefine your fitness limits.

Elevate your exercise routine with the Infrastar Fitness Bike – where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled results.

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