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Vacuactivus Iceberg Electric Cryo

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Why Opt for the Electric Localized Cryotherapy Machine?

Choose the Iceberg localized cryotherapy machine for targeted relief from inflammation stemming from aging, injuries, and rigorous athletic workouts. This innovative device employs cooling air temperatures as low as -30°C (-22°F) through a robust electric compressor.

A specialized hose with a nozzle directs freezing air onto the skin, providing proven localized therapy that minimizes pain, relaxes muscles, reduces swelling, and accelerates healing. The Iceberg cryo machine effectively lowers body temperature to alleviate inflammation and soreness while simultaneously boosting collagen levels.


How Does the Electric Localized Iceberg Work?

Operating with a powerful electric compressor, the machine propels cold air upward, reaching temperatures of -30°C (-22°F). Particularly popular for cryo-facial applications, the cold air penetrates deep into tissues and pores, contributing to skin tightening and rejuvenation—ultimately slowing down the aging process. Consistent use of the Iceberg yields faster results over months, offering a natural method to cool the body for recovery and rapid pain relief, along with enhanced blood circulation.

This machine combines cryotherapy with LED rejuvenation light technology, ensuring a safe, 100% electric operation without the need for nitrogen. The advanced heat exchange technology and thermal shock effect during longer sessions make the Iceberg a portable and compact solution for diverse businesses. Typical cryo sessions last 5-15 minutes, varying based on the client's needs, with the low temperature delivering therapeutic benefits for skin texture and appearance.


Applications of Localized Cryotherapy Treatments

The Iceberg electric localized machine is versatile, finding applications in:

  1. Aesthetic Purposes:

    • Brightens skin, removes red spots, and addresses anti-aging concerns.
    • Tightens pores, resulting in a smoother facial appearance.
    • Commonly used in medical spas and by estheticians post-laser or wax procedures.
  2. Healing Therapy:

    • Reduces inflammation and provides pain relief, making it popular in physical therapy clinics and chiropractic practices.
    • Effective cooling after laser or wax treatments to counteract overheating skin.
    • Promotes lymph flow for detoxification, crucial post-laser treatments.
  3. Skin Conditions:

    • Extremely cold temperatures combat bacteria, calming eczema, and addressing various visible skin issues.


Benefits of Cryo Facial Cryotherapy with Iceberg Electric Unit:

  • Shrinks skin pores
  • Enhances collagen production
  • Addresses skin symptoms like acne and atopic dermatitis
  • Reduces inflammation and swelling (effective post-facial injections/operations)
  • Increases skin elasticity
  • Proven treatment for migraine headaches


How Do Cryo Facials Work?

The cooling feature on the wand promotes collagen production by constricting blood vessels, making wrinkles less noticeable. Alternating with an alternative feature, the wand dilates blood vessels, activating immune cells to remove harmful bacteria.


What to Expect During a Cryo Session:

A cryo facial treatment typically lasts 5-12 minutes, providing a pain-free and pleasant experience for clients. Some may experience a 'pins and needles' sensation that quickly dissipates. After treatment, vessels dilate, increasing blood and oxygen flow, leaving the face feeling fresh. Immediate effects can last up to 7 days, with recommended sessions every 3-4 weeks for optimal results.


The LED Mask in the Grand Model:

The Grand model of the Iceberg electric localized cryotherapy machine features an LED light face mask. This mask, paired with cold air blown by the machine during sessions, blends different wavelengths to treat acne, reduce pigmentation, heal the skin, and boost collagen production. Offering a great alternative to Botox, this combination also reduces inflammation after other beauty treatments.


Thermal Imaging in Cryotherapy:

The Grand model incorporates thermal imaging, allowing practitioners to monitor and visualize temperature changes during the cryotherapy treatment. As the body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures, thermal imaging ensures safety and effectiveness by providing real-time temperature variations.

This additional layer of safety enhances the precision and control of the cryotherapy process, preventing adverse effects and ensuring a high-quality experience for patients.

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