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Vacuactivus Iceberg Cryonick Roller

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Introducing the Iceberg Cryonick Roller: A Powerhouse of Innovation for Aesthetics

Unveiling the Iceberg Cryonick Roller – a compact, powerful, and multifunctional marvel designed to redefine your aesthetic experience. Crafted by our team of engineering and design professionals, this device is your gateway to achieving tighter, more elastic skin, eliminating cellulite, and sculpting your body for clear, defined curves. Let's delve into what makes the Iceberg Cryonick Roller stand out.


Aesthetic Revolution in Your Hands

Key Features:

  • Small, yet powerful and effective
  • Multifunctional with thermal and lymphatic drainage handles
  • Safe, non-invasive, and innovational


Unveiling the Dual-Action Handles

Implemented in an elegant box design, the Iceberg Cryonick Roller features two hoses with ergonomic handles on each side, offering a comprehensive treatment experience.

  1. Thermal Influence Handle:
    • Delivers alternating hot and cold therapy to the skin and underskin tissues.
  2. Lymphatic Drainage Massage Handle:
    • Provides additional benefits through a gentle yet effective lymphatic drainage massage.

Together, these handles synergize to create a holistic effect on the body, stimulating healthy natural responses. Short and comfortable sessions encompass a blend of sub-zero and warm temperatures, along with mechanical impact, benefiting the skin, underskin adipose tissue, muscles, and even inner organs. Witness how this compact device elevates your body and spirits – an experience our customers rave about.


Principle of Operation

In today's fast-paced life, various factors can impact your appearance negatively. The Iceberg Cryonick Roller addresses imperfections caused by lifestyle challenges and hereditary factors, focusing on skin toning, fat deposit dissipation, and body sculpting. This safe and non-invasive technology combines thermal and mechanical effects, delivering immediate and long-lasting results.


Duration of Treatment Effects

For those leading a strong and healthy lifestyle, the effects of the Iceberg Cryonick Roller may be permanent. Acting as a catalyst for natural rejuvenation, this device sustains positive outcomes in individuals free from toxins, stress, and waste.


Technology Features

Experience a transformative journey with the Iceberg Cryonick Roller:

  • Large Bright Screen:
    • Maintain control and ensure a safer experience during procedures.
  • Safe and Non-Invasive:
    • Focused and efficient roller treatments for optimal results.
  • Perfect Technological Combination:
    • Incorporates hot and cool therapies, lymphatic drainage massage, fat cell dissipation, and toxin elimination, restoring the lymphatic system.


Smart Technology Benefits

The Iceberg Cryonick Roller ensures:

  • Targeting of fat tissue through cooling and crystallization processes.
  • Improved skin quality, increased collagen production, and plumper muscle tissue.
  • Excretion of toxins, waste elements, and destroyed fat cells from the body.
  • Significant reduction in residual fat layers due to the condensation process.
  • Elimination of repeated accumulation of adipose tissue through accelerated lymph flow.


The Thermal Shock Handle

With two power settings, this handle optimizes blood and lymphatic flow through thermal shock and hyperthermic stimulation. A staple in the beauty industry, the cryo influence positively impacts fluid circulation, detoxification, and overall skin health.


How the Roller Works

Despite its compact form, the Iceberg Cryonick Roller mimics the actions of more substantial appliances like saunas and cryo chambers. Operating locally and precisely, it facilitates collagen production, muscle relaxation, fat deposit removal, and much more. Experience the benefits that extend from skin rejuvenation to enhanced exercise and diet efficiency.


The Lymphatic Drainage Handle

The roller handle ensures a gentle yet effective lymph drainage massage, preventing and alleviating lymph blockages. A healthy lymphatic system is essential for both beauty and well-being, contributing to a robust immune system, detoxification, and sculpted curves.


Start Your Aesthetic Journey

Compact, user-friendly, safe, and effective – the Iceberg Cryonick Roller is ideal for private use and commercial facilities. Its design, functionality, and diverse applications make it a must-have in the beauty industry, spa, manual therapy, fitness, and body shaping.

Embark on an easy and convenient journey to rediscover your natural beauty, achieve weight balance, contour your muscles, and make your skin glow. Slimming, anti-aging, rejuvenation, and optimized health – all at your fingertips after just a few sessions.

Have questions about the Iceberg Cryonick Roller? We're here to help and advise. Elevate your aesthetics with Iceberg – the epitome of innovation in body sculpting.

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