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Vacuactivus Iceberg 50L Local Cryo Nitrogen

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Introducing the Iceberg 50L Nitrogen-Based Localized Cryotherapy Unit.


Cutting-Edge Cooling for Targeted Therapies

The Iceberg localized cryotherapy machine stands out with its innovative 50L built-in tank powered by liquid nitrogen, delivering non-invasive and highly effective cooling treatments. This advanced unit emits a high volume of cooled air, utilizing vaporized nitrogen, directly applied to specific body areas for 5-10 minutes, depending on the program.

The extreme therapy induces a thermal shock deep into the tissue layers, effectively reducing inflammation and pain. Moreover, it promotes increased blood circulation, skin tightening, rejuvenation, and collagen production.


Healing Therapies with Extreme Cold

Designed for swift application of extreme cold to targeted body areas, the Iceberg comes equipped with wheels for smooth mobility within a room. Featuring separate programs for face and body treatments, along with subcategories for individual body parts, it ensures a versatile treatment protocol.

Safety is paramount, incorporating a thermal imaging handle to adhere to the highest cryotherapy standards. The Iceberg excels in cryo-facials, enhancing skin conditions through a natural rejuvenation process, while also serving as a powerful tool for muscle recovery in specific areas of the body.


Benefits of Localized Cryotherapy


Main Benefits:

  1. Decrease Inflammation and Pain: Reduces swelling, joint pain, and inflammation in specific body parts.

  2. General Health and Wellbeing: Natural therapy employing extremely cold temperatures to enhance overall health.

  3. Muscle Recovery and Elasticity: Accelerates muscle recovery and improves elasticity during sports rehabilitation exercises.

  4. Pain Relief and Joint Management: Provides immediate pain relief in specific areas, decreasing chronic pain and joint stiffness.

  5. Skin Improvement and Anti-Aging: Enhances skin tone, reduces cellulite, improves acne, and boosts collagen production.

  6. Blood Circulation and Oxygen Delivery: Increases blood circulation and oxygen delivery, refining skin appearance.

Additional Benefits:

  • Accelerates recovery in post-surgery therapy.
  • Immediately reduces inflammation and swelling post-injury, especially in sports rehabilitation.
  • Enhances microcirculation for skin detox, exfoliation, and increased collagen levels.
  • Inhibits bacteria growth and reduces inflammation and oil production in the skin.
  • Strengthens the skin, leading to firmer skin texture.
  • Boosts mood through endorphin production in cold-treated areas.



Experience the revitalizing benefits of cryotherapy with our cryo-facials. Utilizing liquid nitrogen vapors, this facial treatment stimulates the skin on the face and neckline, offering a spot treatment of cold therapy to specific areas. The concept of short-term applications of low, yet very cold temperatures is widely embraced in beauty, medical, and sports rehabilitation industries.


Technical Specifications

  • Smart Touch Screen: Improved 10.1" smart touch screen interface.
  • Programs: Separate programs for cryo-facial and body treatments, with subcategories for individual body parts.
  • Ergonomic Design: Ergonomic handle nozzle with four adjustable cold blowing speeds.
  • Temperature Sensor: Enhanced sensor measures skin temperature, triggering a red alarm if skin is overcooled.
  • Thermal Imaging Handle: Includes a thermal imaging handle with a display for safe cryo treatments.
  • Red Light Indicator: Projects red lights indicating the proper distance between skin and nozzle.
  • Built-In Nitrogen Tank: Large 50L nitrogen tank with low nitrogen costs and easy refill access.
  • Thermo Insulation: Special thermo insulation in the hose with a convenient hose holder for reaching all body areas.
  • Power Consumption: Low power consumption, easily plugs into a regular outlet.
  • Portable Design: Portable cryo unit with a state-of-the-art ergonomic design.
  • Color Options: Standard black or white colors, with customization available in various colors.

Transform your therapy experience with the Iceberg 50L, where advanced technology meets therapeutic excellence.

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